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Suing? Being Sued?

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The word “lawsuit” is seldom a welcome one — whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. The costs of lawsuits can be measured in time, money and stress. But there are times when a lawsuit is the only means left to resolve a legal dispute. When that happens, whether you are being sued or you are the plaintiff, you need a lawyer with litigation experience, an attorney you can trust.

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In any legal dispute, you need someone who can communicate the issues, an attorney who will work to resolve the matter as early in the process as possible. You also need the confidence of knowing your lawyer is able and willing to take the matter to trial. Individuals and businesses in the Las Vegas area know that they can count on Thater Law Group.

What to do when you are sued

It can be a shock when you are served papers that say you are being sued. Behind a lawsuit’s legal language, someone is demanding something from you. It may be money or property or some action that the plaintiff wants from you.

Talk to a lawyer you can trust. Explain the situation. Have you been accused of fraud or breach of contract? There may be a way to settle the issue quickly. At Thater Law Group, we work for efficient, economical solutions that are in our clients’ best interests.

What to do if you need to sue someone

It is a good idea to sit down with an experienced lawyer to determine if you have a case and what steps should be taken to resolve the case. A cease and desist order may solve the problem. It may take a demand letter with all the issues described along with the desired action.

If another business has stolen customers, if you are being harassed, tell your attorney about it. Our goal at Thater Law Group is to reach a fair solution — and if that means going to court, we will.

Contact us if you are being sued or if you need to resolve a problem by filing a lawsuit. Your attorney will explain the options and get you through this as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our law firm represents clients throughout  Nevada.


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