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Wage & Hour Claims

Paychecks should meet legal requirements

Is your employer paying you properly? Are your hours calculated correctly? When an employer regularly makes mistakes in your paycheck, there is a high probability that the same mistakes are made on every paycheck — especially if those mistakes are always in the employer’s favor.

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If you have concerns about whether you are being paid correctly, talk to a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of wage and hour claims. Set up an appointment at Thater Law Group in Las Vegas. Wage claims can be confusing — especially when the employer wants to make the information confusing.

Wage and hour claims: getting the truth

Employers have an obligation to keep track of your work hours and to pay you the agreed-upon rate for every hour worked. Federal and state governments also require specific meal breaks (one half hour in an 8-hour workday) and rest breaks (10 minutes in each 4-hour work segment).

You should be paid for all the time that your employer requires you to work. That includes preparation time when you get to work and clean-up time at the end of the work day. When your employer tells you when and where to be, that time has to be accounted for in hours worked.

There should be accurate records for sick pay and vacation pay. Are you receiving pay according to what your employer promised?

Overtime should be paid after 40 hours of work in a work week — and overtime, by law, should be at least 1.5 times regular pay. Does your employer keep track of overtime and pay you for it? Some employers misclassify employees to avoid overtime pay.

If you have questions about wage and hour claims, misclassification of employees or a pattern of incorrect paychecks, contact an employment law attorney at Thater Law Group. We represent workers in southern Nevada.


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