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Sexual Orientation Discrimination

GLBT should not be an issue at work

According to Nevada law, employment decisions should not be made on the basis of sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation. That means sexual orientation should not matter in hiring, promotion and pay. That also means employers have an obligation to prohibit harassment in the workplace.

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More employers are becoming aware of gay and lesbian rights in the workplace. Those rights are no different than the rights of other workers — the right to work in a discrimination-free and harassment-free environment. We understand those rights at Thater Law Group in Las Vegas. Talk to an experienced employment law attorney if you are facing sexual orientation discrimination.

Sexual orientation discrimination: Illegal in Nevada

Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is unfair, and it can be the cause of harassment. When employees see supervisors discriminate, that may be the beginning of a hostile work environment.

In many situations, discrimination might be based on perceived sexual orientation rather than an individual’s actual sexual orientation. Whether the sexual orientation is a mistaken perception or not, an employee should not be treated differently. Work assignments, pay, promotions, and career opportunities should not be affected by real or perceived sexual orientation.

Contact an employment lawyer experienced with discrimination cases. At Thater Law Group, we can explain your rights and the law. We represent people throughout Northern and Southern Nevada.


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