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Nevada Attorney Fights for the Rights of Sexually Harassed Employees

Assisting workers who’ve suffered sexual harassment on the job

Sexual harassment is an ugly way to intimidate someone in the workplace. It’s illegal and wrong on every level. If you have reported this type of misconduct and nothing was done about it, you have another choice. Thater Law Group, P.C., will show you that options for relief do exist under Nevada’s sexual-harassment grounds:

  • Quid pro quoWhen a supervisor or anyone else with control over the terms and conditions of your employment requests sexual favors in exchange for a promotion or raise, that is quid pro quo sexual harassment. This also exists when a boss threatens to fire or punish you if you don’t submit to their advances.
  • Interference with work performance — The workplace should be a comfortable place that allows you to perform your job duties without fear of unwelcome advances or offensive language. Unfortunately, victims often feel compelled to quit rather than face another day. Attorney Lani Esteban-Trinidad will explain your rights and the relief available to you in this situation.
  • Hostile work environment — A work environment becomes hostile when your surroundings are poisoned by rude conversation, unwanted touching or the display of explicit materials such as photos or videos. Your employer has the responsibility to prevent this even if the perpetrators are not supervisors, but co-workers, vendors or the business’s clients or customers.

If one or more of these circumstances is occurring in your workplace, Attorney Lani Esteban-Trinidad can explain how the law applies to your situation and help you seek justice.

Helping mistreated employees obtain their just compensation

A key element in Nevada sexual harassment claims requires the claimant to demonstrate that the behavior was unwelcome at the time it occurred. Sometimes, relationships change and behavior that used to be welcome no longer is. Often a first step is to report the conduct to a supervisor or human resources department, but companies vary as to how they handle internal harassment reports. No matter what your situation, Thater Law Group can help you to document and pursue your claim. If you are entitled to a monetary award, we are determined to fight for everything you deserve.

Determined advocacy when same-sex harassment occurs

The law protects every employee from unwelcome sexual conduct. Some victims might not realize that even nontraditional forms of harassment are compensable. The harasser can be of the same gender as the victim. Even if the person is not the intended target of the behavior, they can make a claim based on an inability to perform their job or a hostile work environment.

Contact a dedicated Las Vegas law firm fighting for victims of sexual harassment

If you have been sexually harassed, you have the right to seek justice without fear of losing your job, and our dedicated attorney with Thater Law Group, P.C. can help. You can call us at 855-210-1701 or contact us online. Our office is located in Las Vegas, and we represent clients throughout Nevada.


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