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Sexual Assault at Work

We understand this is difficult to discuss

Sexual assault is one of the worst things that can happen anywhere. When it happens at work, a place that should be safe, it is especially difficult to deal with. If you have been sexually assaulted at work, talk to a lawyer who will listen and help.

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No one should ever have to deal with sexual assault. If you were sexually assaulted by a supervisor, a coworker or anyone else in your workplace, you can talk to an experienced employment law attorney at Thater Law Group. We will handle your case confidentially and quickly, helping you through the process of healing.

When management knew, or should have known …

In many years of handling gender discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault cases in the workplace, our law firm has learned that management usually had enough information to know that sexual assault was a possibility. Management should have taken steps to prevent it, but, too often, they did not.

Providing careful, caring attention

Sexual assault is one of the most difficult topics to discuss. At Thater Law Group, we assure you that we will listen carefully and stand by you. You deserve compensation for your ordeal as well as the assurance it will not happen to you or anyone else again.

Contact us for an appointment. We represent the victims of workplace sexual assault in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.


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