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Severance Agreements

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Generally, employers have the right to decide whether to provide employees with severance package upon termination of employment. Although these agreements are common in some industries for some positions, they are generally not required. However, severance agreements can be beneficial for both employers and employees.

At Thater Law Group in Las Vegas, we provide experienced representation for employers and employees in all types of employment law matters. We represent clients who are negotiating employment contracts and want to include severance agreements, as well as clients who are reaching the end of an employment relationship.

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Negotiating severance agreements on behalf of employees

Severance agreements can be incredibly helpful for employees who are leaving their employment, serving as a source of funds during a transitional period. However, employees also must be careful when accepting severance agreements. It is important to fully understand the terms of any arrangement. In exchange for a severance package, an employer may require you to sign a waiver, giving up your right to bring any future legal claims. They may also contain non-compete agreements, and should be reviewed carefully to ensure they don’t limit your future employment.

Effectively preparing severance agreements on behalf of employers

Severance agreements can help employers recruit top candidates to key positions. When prepared at the end of an employment relationship, severance agreements can also provide finality. When effectively drafted, a severance agreement can minimize future exposure to litigation for the employer. This can be particularly important when the termination is contentious.

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