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When employers violate employment laws, employees shouldn’t face the punishments in the form of retaliation. If employers engage in misconduct, employees have the right to report these actions without fear of retaliation. At the same time, when employees are terminated for legitimate business reasons or performance issues, employers shouldn’t be held responsible for unsupported employee claims of retaliation.

At Thater Law Group, we represent both employers and employees who have encountered legal issues related to employment law. If you have concerns related to retaliation, come to our office in Las Vegas to discuss your concerns with an experienced employment law attorney. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation.

Handling legal matters related to retaliation for employers and employees

We represent clients on all sides of employment matters, including both employees claiming retaliation and employers denying these allegations. Using our experience serving both sides, we are able to effectively counsel, negotiate and litigate issues related to retaliation.

Retaliation can take many forms; an employee who has reported unlawful activities on the part of an employer may encounter retaliation when applying for promotions, see a reduction of benefits, increase in disciplinary actions, or decreased compensation, or other adverse employment action.

In some cases, employees may file a claim for retaliation as a pretext to save their job. As an employer, you may need to terminate an employee who has a performance issue, and that person may attempt to claim retaliation without any legitimate justification.

Whatever your circumstances may be, we can effectively provide experienced legal representation.

To understand your rights and obligations, contact our offices

The likelihood of success in any particular retaliation matter depends upon the factual details surrounding your circumstances. If you have suffered negative consequences because you were a whistleblower, the law is on your side.

To better understand your options, come to our offices to speak with an experienced employment lawyer. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation.


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