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Religion Discrimination

Religion should not cause discrimination at work

Deeply personal religious convictions are important to individuals. Those convictions do not stop at the company doorstep. Your boss and coworkers should not — by law — treat you unfairly because of those beliefs.

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If you have questions or concerns about religious discrimination in the workplace, talk to an employment law attorney at Thater Law Group in Las Vegas. We are well known for our abilities and experience in fighting discrimination in Nevada workplaces.

Appreciation for abilities without regard to religious beliefs

Employees want to be appreciated, promoted and paid according to their work abilities without regard to religion. Religious discrimination should have no place at work. Your boss and coworkers should not treat you unfairly because of your religion.

Religions often have special days of observance. Employees should have the right to select those days as vacation or personal leave.

Negative comments about a religion are inappropriate — from the supervisor or from other employees. No employee should be made to feel uncomfortable about such a deeply personal subject. What starts as negative comments can become harassment in a hostile work environment.

If you feel you are being denied a promotion or other opportunities at work because of your religion, contact our law firm for an appointment with an experienced lawyer. We represent people throughout Northern and Southern Nevada.


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