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Race & National Origin Discrimination

Admit it or not, race discrimination exists

Employers and most of society like to believe that race discrimination is a thing of the past, that it no longer exists. Unfortunately, race discrimination and racism do exist in and out of the workplace. Today it is usually more subtle, less overt, and difficult to prove without the help of an experienced employment law attorney.

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Race and national origin are characteristics we are born with, characteristics that cannot be changed. And they are characteristics that should not be used as an excuse to treat you differently from people of other races. At The Thater Law Group in Las Vegas, we represent people who face discrimination at work because of race.

A hypothetical example of this type of discrimination might sound something like this: All food servers at a restaurant are all the same race and national origin, with the exception of two food servers. All food servers are given time off whenever they requested it, but the two other food servers were not. There might also be other facts that show that the two food servers were not treated the same as the rest of the food servers.

Race discrimination: Direct evidence, indirect evidence

Proving race discrimination is difficult. Most people would prefer to believe that race or ethnicity discrimination does not exist. Even when they hear derogatory slurs, they may believe this to be harmless banter. Direct evidence of discrimination can be seen in comments, e-mails, anything written or said that is clearly racist. Indirect evidence is more subtle and circumstantial. Is there a pattern of treating people of other races more favorably?

If you believe you or someone you work with is a victim of race discrimination, contact us. Talk to a lawyer experienced with discrimination cases. We represent employees throughout Nevada.


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