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Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy should not make a difference at work

Pregnancy discrimination is against the law. But, as with other types of discrimination, it still happens. An employee announces she is pregnant, and then she is treated differently than she was before.

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If you feel you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination, talk to an employment law attorney who can explain your rights and help you deal with the situation. At Thater Law Group, we have the experience and commitment to help you.

Pregnancy should be a joyful fact, not a work problem

Most employers with 15 or more workers are, by law, not allowed to discriminate on the basis of a woman’s pregnancy. In some work situations, however, a pregnant woman may begin to notice a change in the way she is treated in the workplace. Pregnancy should not make a difference in how a person is treated.

If you notice changes in the way you are treated, start documenting what happens. If you see a pattern, talk to a lawyer about your rights. After years at work with no performance issues, are you concerned about losing your job through wrongful termination? Has your employer told you that your job may not be available after maternity leave? Pregnancy discrimination is often a sign of pervasive sexism and gender discrimination.

If you are concerned about pregnancy discrimination, contact us for a consultation with an employment law attorney. The Thater Law Group in Las Vegas represents people in Northern and Southern Nevada.


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