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Non-Compete Agreements

Balancing business and individual needs

When an employee is asked to sign a non-compete agreement, it is usually at the beginning of employment when the possibility of working somewhere else is not a concern. But when the employment ends, the business and the employee may have concerns about the terms of the contract. Knowing before you sign can help you prepare for the future. Calling an attorney after you sign can help you decide what to do next.

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Over the years, Thater Law Group in Las Vegas has worked with businesses and individuals to negotiate, draft and review non-compete agreements. We have also helped clients when a dispute arises about the requirements of a non-compete agreement. Contact an experienced employment law attorney if you have concerns about a non-compete agreement.

A fair agreement? Or unreasonable restraint of trade?

A non-compete agreement may keep a former employee from working in the same field for one or two years. The courts want to balance the individual’s ability to work with the business need to assure that the ex-employee does not use company information to benefit a new company.

Business concerns include customer lists, marketing plans and other trade secrets that, if given to a competitor, would weaken the business. The employee’s concern is making a living. Both concerns are legitimate. An experienced attorney can help resolve issues.

If you have concerns about a non-compete agreement, contact a law firm with employment law experience. At Thater Law Group, we represent clients throughout southern Nevada.


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