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Gender Discrimination

You should not be treated differently

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act is clear: Men and women should be treated the same in the workplace. Employers know that, but gender discrimination is still a reality in many workplaces. If you are being treated differently at work because of your gender, talk to an experienced employment law attorney.

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At Thater Law Group in Las Vegas, we are recognized by lawyers throughout Nevada for our ability to take on tough discrimination cases, including gender discrimination. When you are concerned about gender discrimination in your workplace and how it has affected your opportunities, contact an employment law attorney who will listen and explain the law.

An example of a gender discrimination claim might sound something like this: There was only one female construction worker on the job site. She is the only worker required to clean out a bathroom shared by males and females. She believes she is being paid less than male employees for doing the same job. That is gender discrimination.

Opportunities based on contributions to the company — not on gender

The opportunities you have at work should be based on the job you do, your potential, your contributions to the company. Your wages and hours should not be based on gender. Your assignments and your treatment should not be based on gender. In many cases, we find that gender discrimination leads to a hostile work environment and sexual harassment. It can also lead to wage and hour claims.

Contact us if you feel you are being discriminated against at work because of your gender. We represent clients throughout Nevada.


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