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FMLA Family & Medical Leave Act

What are your rights under FMLA?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires that employers provide unpaid leave to employees under certain circumstances, and that the employee’s job will be protected. It is an important right that helps employees balance the responsibilities of work and family.

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Not every employer is obligated to provide Family and Medical Leave Act benefits — and not every situation is covered under the act. If you have questions about your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act, talk to an experienced employment law attorney at Thater Law Group in Las Vegas.

Family and Medical Leave Act: Get the facts

Employers that are obligated to provide FMLA leave to employees include all public agencies, all public and private elementary and secondary schools, and all companies with 50 or more employees within a 75-mile range.

Reasons for taking FMLA leave include pregnancy and the birth of a child; adoption of a child; care for a seriously ill spouse, child or parent; or your own serious health condition. You must have worked for your employer at least 12 months and a minimum of 1,250 hours.

In Nevada, parents are allowed four hours of leave each year for their children’s school activities.

FMLA: Know your rights

If you are thinking about taking a leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, know what your rights are. If you have been refused FMLA or if you lost your job after taking FMLA, talk to a lawyer about your rights. If your job was not protected after a leave for childbirth, you may also have a pregnancy discrimination case.

Contact an attorney at Thater Law Group about your rights under FMLA. We represent clients throughout Nevada.


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