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Age Discrimination/ADEA

Employers cannot use age when making decisions

As with many employment law matters, employers know the law concerning age discrimination, but that does not mean they follow the law. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects workers who are aged 40 and above.

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If you feel that an employer has made decisions based on your age rather than on your capabilities and contributions, contact an employment law attorney at The Thater Law Group, in Las Vegas. Our law firm has a reputation for effective litigation of age discrimination and other types of discrimination.

Employers might make the job harder for older workers so that they will quit. One hypothetical example might be that of a 55-year-old security guard required to lift heavy boxes that other, younger security guards who were under the age of 40 were not required to lift.

Promotions, layoffs, comments: Based on age discrimination?

If you are facing age discrimination at work, it is a good idea to document what has happened and talk to a lawyer experienced with discrimination cases. An employer cannot use age to determine who should be laid off and who should stay. An employer cannot promote a less qualified younger worker rather than someone more qualified.

Comments from the boss about age and the advisability of retirement are inappropriate. For example, an employer should not say, “You’re getting old and your memory’s shot. Why don’t you retire?” Comments such as this might be an obvious indication that the employer has a problem with your age.

If you are facing age discrimination at work, contact us for an appointment. We represent people throughout  Nevada.


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